“Pharmedus Group” is a group of two independent pharmaceutical companies which activity base on the highest standards of quality management control and strong partnership.

“LITFAS” is established in 1999. The company performs registration, marketing, storage, and distribution services.
“NORFACHEMA“ is established in 1996. The company performs product packaging into various forms, document preparation and logistics services.


To become the best partner for Lithuanian and foreign pharmaceutical products manufacturers and distributors.
To offer necessary and effective pharmaceutical products to society.


Meeting business partners (manufacturers) and end users’ needs.


Good Distribution Practice (GDP) certificate.
Wholesale Distribution of medicines license.
Certificate of Food Business Operator.
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate.
Production license.
Certificate of Food Business Operator.

Our services

New medicines, dietary supplements, dermatological cosmetics, and goods for medical purposes:

• Registration and re-registration of medicines
• Translation of medicines marketing certificates appendixes and preparation according requirements
• Changing the conditions requirements of medicines marketing certificates
• Changing the marking and package inserts of medicines, unrelated to changing the summary of product characteristics
• Regulation of SPC according to the accepted norms
• Changing the holder of the marketing rights
• Changing the classification of medicines
• Notification of dietary supplements
• Preparation of the project of the dietary supplements marketing according valid requirements
• Calculation of RDA of dietary supplements
• Notification of cosmetic products
• Preparation of the project of cosmetic products marking according valid requirements
• Registration of medical devices
• Preparation of the project of medical devices marking according valid requirements
• Release of series
• Release of series of medicines and dietary supplements received from third countries
• Packaging of the products
• Various size tablets, soft and hard capsules packing into phials
• Labeling the phials
• Placing stickers on phials and boxes
• Soft and hard capsules, and tablets packing into blister packs
• Packing of blister packs into secondary (external) packages, insertion of patient information leaflets, and marking
• Packaging of liquid and other pharmaceutical products into secondary (external) packages, insertion of patient information leaflets, and marking
• Attaching labels and stickers on primary and secondary (external) packages of various forms of pharmaceuticals
• Re-packaging of pharmaceutical products
• Production of packages and information leaflets
• Supply of products to wholesale companies
• Supply of products to healthcare institutions
• Search and selection
• Market research and analysis
• Creation of marketing strategies
• Creation and dissemination of advertising
• Creation of new trademarks
• Design development of labels and packages
• Introduction of new trademarks into the market
• Public Relations
• Society information and education
• Special offers to pharmacy networks
• Cooperation with Specialist-Physicians of different fields
• Organization of conferences and seminars
• Search for raw materials
• Supply of products “in bulk”
• Assistance in obtaining the Food Handler’s Certificate
• Obtaining hygiene certificates for non-food products
• Destruction of unsuitable package materials
• Storage
• Search for manufacturers in the EU and other countries
• Search for buyers in the EU and other countries
• Import/export


Pharmaceutical company “LITfas” is orientated towards advanced European tendencies of pharmacy, market innovations, especially in the fields of naturopathy and homeopathy; it specializes in searching and introduction of safe and effective preparations for solution of specific health problems, not only for Lithuanian, but also European, Russian and other countries markets.

“LITfas” is very careful in selecting products which they represent. They cooperate with well-known medicine manufacturers from Germany, Canada, Swiss, Austria, France and other countries which production meet the strictest international quality standards. “LITfas” policy is to offer to society only such kind of products for improving health which are trustworthy on the basis of objective criteria and which can be offered to friends and family members.

The main directions of “LITfas” activities are representation of international medicine manufacturers, registration, marketing, distribution, storage, supply of new medicines, dietary supplements, dermatological cosmetics and medical goods; and contract manufacturing, after acquiring manufacturing and packaging company “Norfachema” in 2006.

Now “LITfas” clients and partners can receive a full cycle of services from a single source, ranging from registration, manufacturing, marketing, storage of the medicines, and releasing to the market to the distribution in retail pharmaceutical chains.


UAB “Norfachema” is Lithuanian pharmaceutical company established in 1997 working in accordance with good manufacturing practice (GMP) and has a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system (HACCP).

“Norfachema” is a modern, specialized in pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements packing company, which aim is to provide packing services for the customers with the highest requirements for quality. Flexibility, expedition, and the ability to perform even very small volumes of orders for an attractive price is the basis of UAB “Norfachema” competitive advantages in the market. Regarding customers’ requirements, the range of services is constantly expanding.

We offer these services:

Series of medicines, received from third parties, release to the EU market.
• Various size tablets, soft and hard capsules packing into phials
• Blistering of soft and hard capsules and tablets
• Packing of blister packs into secondary (external) packages, insertion of patient information leaflets, and marking.
• Packaging of liquid and other pharmaceutical products into secondary (external) packages, insertion of patient information leaflets, and marking.
• Attaching labels and stickers on primary and secondary (external) packages of various forms of pharmaceuticals.
• Re-packaging of pharmaceutical products and destruction of unsuitable package materials

Rowa is a pharmaceutical company established in Ireland in 1959; renowned for its detailed studies, implementation of novelties, and creation and manufacturing of new medicine formulas. www.rowa.ie


Pharcomed is advanced Italian company that creates innovative products that meet the highest environmental standards.

Tender Corporation is a company established in 1975 in Canada manufacturing first aid products. The company has created a wide spectrum of effective preparations for insect bites, burns, and injuries. www.tendercorp.com


ZUCCARI is the benchmark for anyone who believes that “nature” means more than “natural”. Italian excellence in dietary supplements, cosmetics, educational publications and holistic personal well-being. Their brand is found in the best pharmacies, herbalists and health product retailers across 34 countries and 5 continents.



VitaPlus Ltd. has been manufacturing, representing and distributing dietary supplements, medical devices, dietary nutritions for special medical purposes and cosmetics since 2004. The company is Hungarian-owned, their products are directly or indirectly present in several countries of Europe and outside of Europe too.

Pharmascience is a leading Canadian pharmaceutical manufacturer specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of generic medicines as well as advanced and consumer pharmaceuticals. www.pharmascience.com


Asa is a Polish pharmaceutical company manufacturing medical cosmetics, dietary supplements, and homeopathic medicines. At present, ASA ranks among the 5 top-selling Polish pharmaceutical companies in the dietary supplement market. www.asavita.pl


Laboratories ACM – for over 15 years in this French company the highest-level medical specialists and scientists created and released to the market several dermo-cosmetic preparations helping the customers to deal with the most challenging skin problems. www.labo-acm.com


Laboratoires Tonipharm
 is a French pharmaceutical laboratory established in Boulogne Billancourt in 2001 seeking to implement mission – to meet the everyday needs of the population’s health by ensuring the availability of health products with proven efficiency by using them. http://ginkorgamme.fr/



E-shop www.vaistas.lt provides possibility to purchase products directly from us.

UAB „LITfas”


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UAB „Norfachema”


Vytautas str. 6, LT-55175 Jonava
Phone: +370 349 60122
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